Compensated Stainless Telecaster Replacement Bridge

Mounting Options:

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Give your guitar the unmistakable tone that brass saddles bring with none of the intonation issues. Hipshot's compensated saddles are machined on a computer controlled lathe for perfect intonation. Just set intonation for one string and the other will be set automatically!

All other components on this bridge are made from stainless steel so they won't corrode over time. Plus the bridge plate has no side walls to get in the way of your picking technique.

  • Laser cut stainless steel bridge is non-magnetic for more transparent tone in the bridge pickup position.
  • String thru holes in the back plate of the bridge means it can be strung through the body or through the bridge.
  • Bridge is compatible with the Parsons/Green and Hipshot String Bender.
  • 4 hole option retrofits vintage Telecaster* mounting pattern utilizing 4 mounting holes.
  • 3 hole option retrofits modern Telecaster* mounting pattern utilizing 3 mounting holes.
  • Stainless steel mounting screws included.

Download dimensions for the 3 Hole 3 Saddle bridge here. Dimensions for the 4 Hole 3 Saddle bridge are here.


*“Telecaster is a registered trademark of FMIC, Hipshot Products, Inc. is not affiliated with Fender Musical Instrument Corporation.”


Please Note: We fabricate and hand finish a wide variety of products at our factory in Interlaken, New York. As a result it may take several weeks to ship your order. We apologize for any delays and hope you enjoy the quality.

Customer Reviews
John K
Great product. I've had this bridge on my Warmoth Tele for 3 years now and it works great. No edge lip to get in the way when finger picking. Has good weight for added sustain plus the brass saddles. I drilled 2 holes in the front edge and put in 2 screws to keep the bridge absolutely flat, this also helps with tone and sustain.
jorge villa
just received bridge yesterday!

fist timpressions: gorgeous finish, seems very well made... perfect fit for made in japan (1988) custom 62 reissue fender tele... screws are a lot longer than original ones, so i did a slight drilling to avoid crack the wood... (just in case)

this bridge is the day for originals night, theres no sides and corners dificulting playability... all positive on feel, quality ease of installation etc...

pluging the cord: at first, i noticed something like "touuummm" on every note, this dont likesme because while tunning, this tends to "confuse" tunner, is like "phantom" note... oh and this was a little tricky at first because bridge plate is perfectly flat and shinny, to the point that saddles tends to slip sliglty diagonally when you start to put tension (i tuned ligher string first, because heavier tends to "pull" saddle more... but once i figured out, theres was no problem with this... then proceeded to intonation... i relase all tension moved saddles retuned checked until found the right spot, and was the same thing, saddle slipt and affected intonation, but once you figured and checked alignment, intonation is spot on... once you intonate one string, the other is perfectly intonated too.. great!

play time!!! im sounding trought pod HD500, this bridge kindda soften the very high end of my tele a little and/or adds mids, so appears rounder tone, at least thats the perception,this is good because is useful for distortion soloing... (im using Dimarzio Fast Track T bridge...) oh, and another good thing: this bridge allows me to use the same presets with eavy distortion that original bridge causes a lot of squeal...

but not all is that good: to me, guitar loses note definition on cleans, i mean, now sounds "average" on cleans (not dull or tammed or everything bad), but before change bridge, string/note definition was awesome ...
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