5 String Bass Headless System

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Lose your head with Hipshot's NEW Headless System for bass guitar! Features fully adjustable saddles, lightweight aluminum bridge, dual string option(you may choose to use standard or double ball bass strings) and all the quality that you have come to expect from Hipshot. All mounting and adjusting hardware included. Available in 4,5,6,7,8, and 9 string models. Offered in a wide variety of string spacings. Chrome, Black and Gold finish.


For dimensions and instructions see here


Please Note: We fabricate and hand finish a wide variety of products at our factory in Interlaken, New York. As a result it may take several weeks to ship your order. We apologize for any delays and hope you enjoy the quality.

Customer Reviews
I used this system with a Warmoth Deluxe 5 paddle, 1 7/8th" nut width. I cut off most of the paddle, and dremeled the rest into a small shelf for the headpiece. A minor contention: when using single ball end tape wounds, the point at which one has to cut the string to fit into the headpiece causes the nylon tape wrap to unwind! I ruined a set of strings & had to modify the headstock shelf where the headpiece fit (allowing the strings to go through with the wrap end complete), but I did get it to work. A minor caveat that won't apply to anyone that doesn't play with tapewounds.

The hardware itself is excellent. Having never assembled, nor even owned a headless bass before, it was weird to get used to the fine tuning & setup, even with the instructions. After a few mins, though, it just clicked, and the whole system made sense. The bridge saddles seem to be the same as the A-styles, and are just as adjustable in every direction. Set up isn't quick or easy, but that's not a bad thing; it might take a while to get things just right, but it's worth the time. I've found that the tuning gears don't all have the same level of tension, but I think that might be due to how I put the strings in those gears vs how far they need to go to reach pitch.

All in all, an excellent piece of hardware.
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