Jerry Donahue Signature Bridge

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The Jerry Donahue Signature Bridge by Hipshot is specifically designed to even out the tone across all your strings.

This is what Jerry Donahue has to say about the bridge!

"The Telecaster is a hugely popular and elegantly designed guitar but it is not without its shortcomings. The most frustrating for me has always been the need to compromise my EQ to balance the high strings with the low. When the low E and A strings are at a satisfying level of twang, the high B and E take on an ear-bleed piercing quality. When the tone is brought back to compensate, the low strings sound dull and lifeless.

It’s for this reason that I include a bronze top E and B saddle in my Jerry Donahue signature 3 Saddle Tele Bridge by Hipshot. The bronze acts to mitigate the shrillness of the high strings while the two brass saddles allow the EAD and G strings to ring through with full, majestic twang.

It’s the ultimate no-compromise solution!"

-Jerry Donahue

Made with a chrome plated magnetic steel bridge plate and 4 hole pre-CBS Fender® mounting pattern, this bridge is a drop in replacement for 4 hole Fender® style teles and Jerry's Signature Fret-King® Guitar!


Fender® is a registered trademark of FMIC (Fender Musical Instrument Corporation).

Fret-King® is a registered trademark of JHS & Co. Ltd.

Hipshot Products, Inc. is not affiliated with FMIC or JHS & Co. Ltd.

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