7 String Ibby HM

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Give your 7 string Ibanez® the gift of massive tone with the Ibby HM (Ibanez Hi-Mass) by Hipshot®. Gorgeous curves machined from a solid hunk of billet brass, this bridge will give your guitar the punch and sustain it was born for.

  • Directly retrofits both the Gibraltar I and II 7 string bridges with no drilling or filling required.
  • Directly retrofits the Ibanez® Iron Label series with the lowered B and E string through holes.
  • Ambidextrous design works with right handed and left handed guitars

Check out the dimensions here!


Ibanez® is a registered trademark of Hoshino Gakki Group. Hipshot Products, Inc.® is not directly affiliated with Hoshino Gakki Group.


Please Note: We fabricate and hand finish a wide variety of products at our factory in Interlaken, New York. As a result it may take several weeks to ship your order. We apologize for any delays and hope you enjoy the quality.

Customer Reviews
My Guitar Djently Weeps
This bridge is currently installed on my first generation Iron Label RGIR27FE. After installing, I noticed an improvement in overall clarity, as well as an increase in palm muting attack(Especially on the 7th string). I've often felt that this guitar's tone was a bit too muddy for my tastes, and the (ultra) high profile stock bridge a bit too uncomfortable and cumbersome. This replacement bridge fixes all of that. I have also found it to be an aesthetic improvement. It's sleek design and matte black finish serve as a much better compliment than the easily tarnished, pewter colored bulk that came stock(Which I now use as a paperweight).

5 STARS!!!
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